Remco Pabst – Business Consultant

Remco Pabst - Business Consultant

Using innovative software technology to make 'things' easier and smarter for people and in business is a true driving force. This is why the connection between the senses appeals to me the most. Our brains connect the senses in the same way that a business process connects people, systems (data), and logic. They register and trigger an action, which is exactly how it should be in an optimal workflow. It is amazing to consider what is already possible now if we also add a lot of computing power.

Hearing is also important. Not because I enjoy listening to Jazz, Soul, Deep House, or Focus-like music every day, and because I have to be able to listen properly to interpret a wish or pain point, but more because not everyone is able to use all their senses. Consider those with a visual impairment. The fact that we were allowed, in close cooperation, to apply AI and TTS/STT technology (which is still in development) for this often under-served group of people in today's digital world and to use it to improve the interaction and experience with it gives me a huge amount of energy and provides meaning to what I try to do with technology: create value.

This piece was written by Remco, Business Consultant at Pegamento.

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