Rob Roode – Marketing and R&D

Rob Roode - Marketing and R&D

Recognising and automating patterns. These are tasks we are constantly working on when implementing our robots at Pegamento. My two Dutch Partridge Dogs are hunting dogs and definitely not robots. The hunting instinct and intuition are in their genes. Ongoing provision of new forms of training has taught them to recognise and act independently in hunting situations. Also 'unsupervised', even if I am not around.

But when you try to teach a brain something, it also starts to see things you don't expect. Dogs pick up on the slightest deviation in your voice or directions. Recognising and correcting that is perhaps the most complex challenge. But in our work, for the great clients we are privileged to work for, it often results in the most wonderful new insights!

This piece was written by Rob, founder of Pegamento and responsible for Marketing and R&D.

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