Communicating via WhatsApp

Many businesses use WhatsApp, among other channels, to communicate with their customers. In addition to the well-known channels such as telephone and email, chat is a channel that is becoming increasingly popular. Initially, WhatsApp did not even allow this kind of use at all, and there have been cases where numbers have been blocked by the app. However, WhatsApp for Business has subsequently been launched to facilitate this form of communication between businesses and customers.

Linking Pegamento Phone System to WhatsApp for Business

Our Pegamento Contact Center is suitable for use with WhatsApp for Business. This means that in addition to channels such as phone, email, and chat, we can also make chat available in an easy way, and all via a single platform. You therefore do not need to switch between various applications, but you are able to access everything in one convenient system.

Why would you want to use WhatsApp for communication with your customers?

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used chat applications in the Netherlands. It is used by nearly 12 million people across the country. In addition, it is an asynchronous channel, meaning you do not have to answer the customer immediately, as is the case with phone and chat. You can, for instance, answer these types of messages when the phone lines are quieter.

What is the best way for you to implement the use of WhatsApp?

Everyone knows WhatsApp thanks to the app on their mobile phone, and there is also a desktop version that allows you to receive and send messages on your computer. The desktop version is always linked to your phone. But how do you manage this channel when suddenly many people want to communicate with you in this way? A phone-based solution is not necessarily the most practical answer.

How to maintain oversight of WhatsApp conversations with customers

If many customers start sending messages, our platform arranges for a separate conversation to be started for each customer. Instead of everything being mixed up, there is clarity in relation to each customer. Multiple employees can chat to different customers simultaneously, without getting in each other's way. Everything is therefore organised efficiently.


Ensure a central customer overview and save WhatsApp conversations by customer

Other important advantages of Cloud Contact's platform is that all conversations are stored per customer. Through the available Contact Manager, a customer profile can be built, and all forms of communication with each customer, including WhatsApp messages, can be retrieved. In other words, it is truly multichannel.

Want to know more about the possibilities when it comes to WhatsApp or multichannel? Feel free to contact us.

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