Customer contact in education

Communicating effectively with parents

The days when a class full of students was presented with exactly the same lessons, content, and guidance are far behind us. Nowadays, individual curricula are used, and the coach helps the student in the learning process. This may or may not be in a traditional grade system or with a mix of students of various age groups and education levels. But how exactly does the school in your neighbourhood do that? What does that mean for your child? And how can the educational institution communicate this effectively to parents?

From mission & vision to action

Many schools have extensive documents on their websites regarding their mission & vision in education. But how do these apply to your child? What kind of support can you expect with dyslexia, for example? Every student is an individual. How will curriculum support be implemented for your child? Ultimately, as a parent, you would like to know how things are arranged in practice and what you can expect in the process. How much attention is paid to social education? In what way does the school prepare students for the future, where technology and robotisation will play an increasing role?

Answers to questions

In the consumer market, it is normal to provide focused answers to specific customer questions. Shops and suppliers want the customer to be well informed so that they can make an informed choice, as this maximises the chances of a positive experience. Unfortunately, secondary schools still make little provision for this. Parents themselves have to struggle through a (cluttered) structure and a bunch of documents to get an idea of how the school deals with individual students in practice.

Valuable contact

So how do schools ensure that they deliver value during their interactions with parents, even if a physical visit to the school is not possible? By unlocking knowledge and information with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), or robotisation, possibly in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI). As an educational institution, you can provide better customer contact with robotisation. In this way, you create more valuable interactions with the parents.

A chat robot with Conversational AI can ensure targeted answers to individual questions from parents and students on the website, as well as via WhatsApp and Facebook. Its strength is that the robot eliminates the need for users to search through web pages, policy documents, and manuals. In addition, it provides an appropriate answer based on the situation of the person asking the question. In doing so, it ensures the quality of the answer and provides an accurate representation of the school. This is useful for parents, and certainly also for the school. Parents and students will be more engaged and will be eager to know more!

What else can robotisation do?

Likewise, value can be added and time can be saved in relation to email contact, which is increasing considerably. This can be done by (partly) automating email communication and linking it with a knowledge base and AI. The knowledge base can be used to provide answers to frequently asked questions. You can find an example in the demo KennisWijs. With RPA, qualitative answers can be drafted and/or sent automatically. The communication department can then deal with more personal questions and initiatives to increase the school's visibility.

Is an open day therefore no longer required?

Of course it is! Open days play an essential role in deciding which school to choose. By visiting the school, students from group 8 and their parents can experience the atmosphere and get to know the school and the teachers. The choice of a school is largely determined by a student's feeling about the school. Therefore, make sure that visiting the school also provides value and quality.

Make it possible for parents to choose a time for their visit themselves, while the school decides how many people can be received at which time. This will ensure that there are not too many people in the school at the same time to ensure compliance with the measures regarding COVID19. Watch the video to see what all your options are.

Want to know more?

It is uncertain whether traditional open days can still take place. What is certain, however, is that new students will come to school again in the next school year. Every school wants to present the best possible picture of the possibilities for the individual student, and you can do this by communicating effectively with parents and potential students. Create valuable interactions through better customer contact with robotisation. Pegamento has extensive knowledge and experience in adding value in customer contact and automating underlying, administrative processes through robotisation and AI.

Looking for a way to open up your school to (new) parents and students both online and physically, and to add value to these interactions? Make an appointment with one of our specialists, and we will work with you to see what your options are in this respect.

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