Erik Jansen of Microsoft starts as Director of Financial Services Industry at Pegamento

Until recently, Erik Jansen worked at Microsoft as Senior Specialist Data & Artificial Intelligence. Now he is working for Pegamento as Account Director Financial Services. Pegamento specialises in robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and image recognition. They are the largest RPA implementation partner in the Netherlands. They use their expertise to develop and implement smart customer contact processes for the ultimate customer experience and optimal customer contact.

Pegamento has been in the media for winning the Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) Detection Challenge with their Bridge Calamity Recogniser. Internationally, they were in the media for winning a British Corporate Excellence Award. They were recognised as 'Provider of most customer-centric RPA solutions' by the British magazine Corporate Vision. This is the first time a Dutch company has won this award.

Human dimension

"The world is digitising at a rapid pace, and Pegamento is keeping an eye on the human aspect of customer contact. Our intelligent solutions convert images, text, and sound directly into relevant information. Exactly the information needed to make decisions more easily, to act more effectively, and to communicate more quickly in every interaction," Erik Jansen says about his new position as Director Financial Services Industry

Real human work

Pegamento is home to diverse talents. Because these can be implemented broadly, it is difficult to give them a label. This is why Pegamento speaks about senses. Seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. With the epicentre of these senses being the brain. By interacting with the senses through robotisation, these are enhanced. In turn, people can anticipate this interaction. An example is image recognition; it looks with you and sees things. RPA takes over repetitive actions so you can focus on real human work.

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