Pegamento presents award to Sprinklr for being the fastest-growing supplier of 2022

Pegamento congratulates their partner Sprinklr for their tremendous growth over the past year compared to the previous year. Sprinklr has therefore been named by Pegamento as the fastest-growing supplier of 2022.

In the first half of 2022, Pegamento already handled 2.7 million incoming calls and 26 million contacts on social channels. Contacts on social channels, in particular, have skyrocketed, but so has the processing of these contacts. "It is a confirmation that we see that people are talking about you more than talking to you," says Pegamento CEO Serge Poppes. According to Poppes, this has been an observable trend since 2015. The use of social channels is growing every year and there is now more communication about the organisation, than with the organisation. "Ultimately, this is not surprising, because if you ask a good friend about their experience with a product or service, the conversation is separate from the brand but still associated with it. These are conversations that are difficult for an organisation to manage in the completely unstructured digital world."

It starts with insight into all communication

Today, with Sprinklr's solution, you can gain insight into these unstructured channels and thus start dialogues where monologues used to dominate. Big brands like AkzoNobel and Heineken also recognise this and are therefore choosing to make use of Sprinklr's solution.

Poppes also sees Sprinklr as a forerunner in customer contact. "The technology is extremely advanced, with almost unbelievable content statistics. We often hear our customers describe it as almost "too-good-to-be-true". With 10 billion predictions on digital channels per day, and over 750 standard and 500 customer-specific AI models in more than 100 languages, it is the go-to solution for understanding the customer and establishing effective and unified customer service in the current digital age. This is truly the essence of customer contact 3.0."

Kevin Jonkergouw, Vice President Benelux & Nordics Sprinklr: "we are happy to work with a specialised partner like Pegamento, who is especially focused on customer contact. We wouldn't be able to sustain our growth otherwise either, because the implementation of our technology is essential for the end users."

Sprinklr award

Enhancing customer experience success with a unified approach

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