Ebook: Enhancing customer experience success with a unified approach

New findings from Forrester Consulting in collaboration with Sprinklr reveal what companies need to overcome to deliver great customer experiences - and why unified customer experience management (CXM) platforms provide a competitive advantage.

Forrester Consulting conducted a survey on behalf of Sprinklr, which revealed that 82% of companies surveyed consider customer experience (CX) a top priority. Despite this dedication, they struggle to obtain clean and relevant data, to gain actionable insights, and to translate those insights into real-time and strategic CX improvements.

Moreover, 46% find that their current tools do not provide a complete picture of the customer, and 93% say their current platforms lack important features. How can brands find a way forward?

Download the Forrester Opportunity Snapshot to discover the study's business-critical insights.

  • The journey to great customer experience management (CXM)
  • Major hurdles, including fragmented data across multiple channels and disconnected martech stacks
  • How a Unified-CXM platform integrates data into one location, drives collaborations, improves customer experiences, and creates competitive advantage.

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