Erica van den Bos – Implementation Manager

Erica van den Bos - Implementation Manager

I approach everything as a puzzle; from building a beautiful app and creating an efficient weekly schedule for my team to approaching a traffic light on my way to work in the morning.

So too the senses; the better they fit together and complement one another, the more you get done. Seeing together with hearing ensures that a joke during the Project Kickoff comes across as it was intended. Smelling and tasting ensures the best possible taste sensation during the Friday afternoon drinks. When these pieces fall into place correctly, the perception of an event is stronger.

My day preferably involves variety: either working with a team or figuring something out on my own. Either way, I am satisfied and proud of the result when it has been achieved. Our projects allow for this thanks to our working method. After all, one of the core values of Agile working is Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. The core of your company is the people who work there and the way they work together; this is where I will contribute my (puzzle) piece where I can.

This piece was written by Erica, Implementation Manager at Pegamento.

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