Ike van der Voort – Online Marketer

Ike van der Voort - Online Marketer

Listening, summarising, asking questions. Perhaps the 3 most important aspects in my field. But also connecting with others, making connections, and getting to know one other.

For me, it is important to get to know the target audience and to understand them. They are ultimately the ones you want to appeal to with the content you create. But also vice versa. They need to understand what you are talking about. And that's what I find interesting about my role: translating the tricky terms that arise in ICT into easy-to-understand communications, such as text and images.

To make that happen, you engage with one other. You interact so that you can move forward together. It may be that there isn't always time for this, because of all the other work you have to do. But that is precisely what I like about robot software, such as RPA, which takes over repetitive tasks so that you have more time for personal contact, for example.

And if it isn't required for work, we do it for the extra sociability. Because social contact is what every person needs.

This piece was written by Ike, Online Marketer at Pegamento.

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