AI: Hype or necessity?

'Artificial intelligence is on the rise' is a theme you often encounter online these days. AI is more 'in' than ever. You will come across it as a technical trend within B2B and B2C in all kinds of articles. This is not surprising, as the use of AI within companies has increased tremendously in recent years. In 2019, 45% of large companies (with more than 500 employees) used one or more AI technologies. Even smaller companies are now adopting the technology. But can we then speak of hype, or is AI truly necessary in business?

Smart predictions through quick analysis of data

Artificial intelligence (AI) analyses new (unknown) content and categorises it based on historical data. What kind of data? Data from one or more tables, snippets of text, speech, or images. Effectively all forms of information that we can capture digitally. Based on historical data with clearly marked categories, AI makes a prediction. It is a smart technology where computers apply human intelligence to perform tasks independently. An AI robot is self-learning and therefore becomes increasingly better at its tasks. Tasks that include, for example, answering frequently asked questions quickly and properly, and handling your email traffic adequately and automatically.

The possibilities with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can have great benefits for humanity. Speech, image and pattern recognition, self-directed systems, translation machines, walking robots and question-answering systems can help us in terms of convenience, user experience, and efficiency.

AI enables you to improve the way you respond in certain situations:

  • Recognising a client's emotional mood, so that you are aware of it and can respond to their emotions.
  • Measuring how important a task is to you or your customer, so you can set better priorities.
  • Measuring the potential value of a new purchase, so you can determine whether you should proceed with it.
  • How to place a container as efficiently as possible, so everyone can continue working easily.
  • Detecting opportunities and threats early on, so you can make the best (business) decision.
  • Mapping out traffic situations, so you can ensure better road safety.

After thorough training, almost anything can be predicted.

A business boost and a huge competitive advantage

Milgro, for example, uses AI to automate back-office processes and incoming communication. Milgro employees' contact with customers was quite intensive and time-consuming, and it involved a lot of manual processing. Incoming communication is now analysed and then categorised by topic of communication. Based on the subject of the communication, the AI software triggers several back-office processes. It creates tasks for the relevant employee at the right time and provides guidance on the steps in the process, for example by displaying response templates. It is also possible for the software to perform back-office processes completely automatically. For example, it can grab and send the appropriate response template itself.

By applying artificial intelligence, Milgro has a higher First Time Right, and they have more capacity available, resulting in better and faster customer service. This ultimately ensures higher customer and employee satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a means of making improvements to certain processes that can directly affect the company's bottom line. With the correct implementation of AI, you can gain a huge advantage over your competitors.

In this article, Account Manager Hans Oeges shares another 3 reasons why you should implement AI.

Hype or necessity

It started as hype, and then the corona crisis fuelled the AI breakthrough in 2021. During the corona crisis, various forms of AI, such as machine learning and natural language processing, proved their worth. With the expected economic contraction, many organisations turned to automation. Indeed, according to Gartner, the pandemic created a huge need for accurate and fast insights into organisational structures so they could be adapted in real time throughout all the changes. Gartner therefore predicts explosive growth in the use of artificial intelligence.

In this rapidly developing and dynamic economy, AI helps us anticipate what is to come. It makes navigating difficult decisions easier and repetitive tasks more efficient. Artificial Intelligence increases customer satisfaction and generates competitive advantage for your business. This is all possible because AI can smartly analyse, categorise, and process large quantities of data at lightning speed.

The question is not whether you should start with artificial intelligence, but when you should start.

Artificial intelligence within my organisation?

Pegamento implements AI in different ways and in various orders of magnitude at companies in all kinds of industries. In this free white paper, we discuss our findings, recommendations, and implementation strategies. We also cover what artificial intelligence can do for your organisation.

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