Tommy Hertog - Mendix DeveloperFor me, listening is emotion. Music can carry me away completely. But listening can ... meer lezen

Tommy Hertog – Mendix Developer

Renske de Koning - Solution DeveloperHearing is an important aspect of my work at Pegamento. Hearing the customer, ... meer lezen

Renske de Koning – Solution Developer

Chris Lenten - Software DeveloperDestijds ben ik bij Pegamento als stagiair begonnen. Dit is een proces geweest waar ... meer lezen

Chris Lenten – Software Developer

Jan Michel Koster - Systeem EngineerPegamento and working in engineering is more than just work. As a result ... meer lezen

Jan Michel Koster – System Engineer

Joost Schaap - Account ManagerWhen a customer contacts an organisation because they have a complaint, it is crucial ... meer lezen

Joost Schaap – Account Manager

Serge Poppes - CEO Feeling. That's the greatest thing Pegamento stands for. Feeling for technology in the broadest sense ... meer lezen

Serge Poppes – CEO

Jeroen Boerkamp - Solution DeveloperSeeing is very important to me. Because of the strength of my glasses, I ... meer lezen

Jeroen Boerkamp – Solution Developer

Pim Ritmeijer - Software DeveloperProgramming involves more than just churning out code. For me, listening to what the ... meer lezen

Pim Ritmeijer – Software Developer

Ensar Ari - IT EngineerGood communication between the customer and the organisation is essential. As an organisation, you ... meer lezen

Ensar Ari – IT Engineer

Tim Treurniet - Designer of Intelligent SystemsI never had any real childhood heroes. But in retrospect, I believe ... meer lezen

Tim Treurniet – Designer of Intelligent Systems