Credits for DALL-E Image Generator

Graphic showing process

Credits for the image generator plugin

As you might have noticed,  the DALL-E text to image plugins for Google Docs and Microsoft Word work with a free credit limit. When you reach the limit is possible to request more credits via the contact form below. When you enter the e-mail address you use to login to Microsoft Word or your associated Google account, we will increase the credit limit for that specific account. In case you want to increase the credits for an organization, we can do that for a specific web domain.

Want to get more credits?

If you want to use this application you can always use the Google Docs or Word extension for free by using your 20 credits. If you want to use this application above the current free limits, feel free to contact us with the form to arrange payment and receive more credits. After we've processed your request, we will send you a Paypal payment link to the specified e-mail address.

We currently offer three bundles:

  • 100 credits for € 25
  • 1.000 credits for € 220
  • 10.000 credits for € 2.000

On request, credits can be made available for a domain name to share them across accounts. Please make sure to fill in the same e-mail address as the one you are using in the plugin.

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